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We Are Equal-Opportunity, We Love All Vehicles

A lot of people don't believe us when we say that we buy any type of car. In fact, some of them are so hesitant about telling us the state their vehicle is in because they think we wont be interested. We really do take them all. We take brand new cars, we take the old damaged junkers, and well even take those plain-Jane average cars. When we look at a vehicle we see possibilities.

We've Seen Worse

You would be surprised at the number of people that come to us and feel bad that their car is in such bad shape. Trust us, no matter how bad yours is, we've probably seen worse. Remember, your car isn't a reflection of you either, we wont judge you just because your car may be in poor shape. We are here to help you out. We give you our same simple process of selling your car no matter what grade of vehicle you have.

Don't Even Vacuum

You don't need to worry about cleaning your vehicle up. You can but that turtle wax away. Our crew will gladly take care of all the cosmetics for you. We know that looks aren't everything. You don't even have to worry about cleaning out the empty fast food bags and throw-away plastic bottles if your back seat happens to be littered with them. If your passenger seat is also, no worries. It truly doesn't matter to us. Leave your vehicle exactly as is, that stuff doesn't matter anyhow. We look at the value of your vehicle, not the contents.

you're Just Saying Its Average

If you think your car is just too average to warrant anybody actually wanting to buy it, don't be so down on your early 90s outdated sedan. If that's what you drive, no offence. The simple fact is that people still want vehicles for a wide variety of reasons, some of them have little to do with actually ever driving the vehicle. The best thing you can do is let us give you an estimate and let the amount show you that there are still people out there that really would buy your car. Were those people. We cant wait to meet you.

Oh Yes, Shiny Is Always Good

Your nice car is nice to us too. We like nice cars. We think they are wonderful. If you are getting rid of your new car we will give you a price that reflects the value of your car. We care to make sure that the best estimate is made to give you a truly enjoyable experience in selling to us. We travel out to help our customers with vehicles that don't run. You know the kind of vehicles. The ones that will most likely never feel the thrill of the highway again. Just because your vehicle is new and in great shape, doesn't mean that we wont come out to you too. We aim to please. You can sit and have your morning coffee, while we do all the traveling. Well give you an estimate right then and there, and you can have your money in your hands instantly.

Junk, what Junk?

If you've had a bad accident and your car is a tangled, horrible, corpse of the beauty it once was, we can still help you out. We give the best estimates we can, with the intention of always giving you the most amount of money we can for the value of your car. We've been in the business for over 12 years now, and one thing we have certainly learned: there is no such thing as a junk car. Our estimates will be better than just taking your vehicle to a junkyard. We all want the most value when it comes to making a sell. Our crew will keep things as simple as possible, and get you the money you deserve the very same day we do our estimate.

Let's Get Started

We just want to reassure you that you don't have to be ashamed of your vehicle, we really are here to buy your vehicle regardless of the shape or model. Just give us a call at ((760) 206-4551and we can come right out and give you an estimate today. You don't even need to smog it.