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A lot has changed in the past 12 years. Think about it for a second. We didn't have the iPhone, we didn't have Facebook, and we most certainly didn't have near the fast-pace of living that can get the best of the best of us on any given day. But we were around back then. Starting our business off at Cash For Cars Escondido with a couple of key principles in mind. We knew we wanted to make it easy for people to sell their cars, and we knew that we wouldn't to actually give them the money they rightfully had coming to them. So how could we make a business out of this and actually succeed? Our answer was to listen.

We paid attention to what our customers wanted. Being local to Escondido, CA made this part easy for us. We realized quickly people didn't want to mess around with a bunch of phone calls, scheduling, and they certainly didn't want to have to deal with bringing the car in for an inspection and then hauling it home, only to have to bring it in again. Our great staff, many of whom were with us way back in the beginning, realized early on that it wasn't just our customers that didn't want to deal with all of the hassle of selling a car. We didn't want to deal with any of it either. It wasn't a matter of us taking on the burden for you, we wanted to get right to the core of it and simplify the process as much as possible for all parties involved.

One of the easiest ways for us to do that was to decide early on that we would make sure that we could go to our potential customers wherever they were. The next essential element that we found to be invaluable was being able to seal the deal, instantly. We started off as a group of friends that had each had our own experience with trying to sell our vehicles. This is back in the day when people relied solely on posting through classified ads.

Of course things are a lot simpler now, but our experience with classifieds taught us you never know who is looking for a quick vehicle for cheap, or for other unmentionable things. There were certainly some horrible encounters that led our group of friends to think twice about meeting another stranger. You know how it is out here. Meeting potential buyers in parking lots sounded like a good idea to us at the time. It was safe and in public right? You can use your imagination. Now double that, no triple it. that's about the level of crazy a couple of us had to deal with back when we were trying to get rid of our own used vehicles. Needless to say we were through, and thus the dawn of our business began.

Each day we come to work we take a lot of pride and satisfaction from knowing that our customers can rely on us for a completely sane selling experience that is as simple as possible. We look forward to getting to meet you.